Back  pain ?   Knotty  shoulders ?

Tense muscles ?      Stiff  joints ?

Headache ?              Jet  lagged ?

Stresses    of    everyday     life ?

Feel  at  your  best  again

Choose  highly  effective


Personalized Therapeutic Massage

Completely revitalise and unwind according to your specific needs on the day. We will discuss how are you feeling and select the best blend of modalities for your maximum relief and benefits.

Back Rescue

Combining effective techniques to release and ease tension, knots and stress from your back, neck and shoulders.

Swedish Classic

Relaxation of body and mind through amazing effects of essential oils and massage.

Sport Deep Tissue

Applying a firmer pressure and rhythmic movements in order to release tension from tight muscles.

Great treatment for sports fans, injuries and chronic muscular conditions.

Hot Stones

Supreme relaxation with amazingly soothing, heated stone massage. Deeply relaxing. Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviates stress, relieves pain, improves circulation and calms the psyche

Cupping Therapy

Traditional Asian technique for pain relief and detox. Delivering impressive results with a number of ailments. Helps with chronic and acute aches and pains. Deeply releases rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins, loosens connective tissue and bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

*Visible marks afterward on the areas where the cups were applied are common, they are not painful and vanish in few days

Honey Detox

Powerfully effective detoxifying method. Drawing toxins directly out of the spine and deep skin tissues and muscles.